Submitted by St. Mary on Fri, 04/12/2019 - 11:14am

Dear Parishioners:

“Why would I want send my children to Saint Mary School?

We’re not even Catholic!”


    I imagine that there are a lot of people within the wider Wooster/Wayne County community who have had that thought, whether they have spoken it out loud or not. I have been amazed to hear over and over again that, although our school has been in the community for 150 years, so many people do not realize that we are not “just a school for Catholics.” You can be sure that we are working more zealously to spread the word!


   When one looks at a roster of Saint Mary alumni, one discovers that over the course of its long history many non-Catholic families have been served by its mission. As is often said, we do not serve people because they are Catholic; we serve because we are Catholic!


   I remember with fondness, for example, Kyle Ofori (pictured below), who along with his twin brother, Kevin, were part of the 8th. Grade at St. Mary during my first full year of pastoral service here. They were among the most respectful young men I have met, fro their age. They went on to study at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA as well as Princeton University.


   Now, Kevin and Kyle clearly came to St. Mary already possessing intellectual gifts. However, their parents’ choice of St. Mary indicates—I believe— that they believed our school environment would serve further to build on those gifts. I most recently heard that Kyle is pursuing postgraduate work in urban and economic development at Harvard University, including having served at one point as a summer fellow on a redevelopment project in Detroit. Given the hard challenges that such a city has seen in recent decades, and the fact that Kyle would choose to be part of such an effort, brings to mind a saying: “Be the change you want to see.”


   The following comes from Cindy McMahon, from Creighton University:

Palm Sunday, with its palms, processions and readings, is one of the special days that can evoke strong emotional connections in our spiritual history, for those who have been in the church most of their lives. For those who are newer to Catholicism and Christianity, I suspect it still makes an impact because of its uniqueness.


   May these days of Holy Week evoke strong connections in us, that will carry us powerfully through the days of

Passiontide and Easter.



                    Fr. Stephen