Submitted by St. Mary on Sun, 04/22/2018 - 4:02pm

Dear Parishioners:

   If serving is below you,

then leadership is beyond you!

   This statement (sourced as anonymous) was quoted by Patrick Mahorcic (COW senior), last Sunday evening in his presentation to our teens.  How true it rings!  Patrick also emphasized that we ought not fail to recognize that what may appear to be small acts of service can have a very significant impact on another person’s life.


   I see this playing out continually in the life of St. Mary Parish community.  One fresh example...Fairly recently, a group of ladies (I know they would welcome gentlemen, too!) have been gathering together on  scheduled weekday afternoons in the parish hall, to practice their creative skills making “prayer shawls.”  Camille Horvath, Pastoral Associate, is one of those facilitating their distribution to parishioners.  This past Monday, I was able to deliver several to residents at Smithville Western Care Center.


   To see the faces of these beautiful faith-filled women light up and the delight with which they reacted to this gift  from fellow parishioners surpassed the impact of dozens of favorable reviews on Amazon!  I was so excited to return to the parish that day, knowing that I would be able to share this good news with the prayer shawl group.


   When we witness someone with a servant’s heart, we can be confident in how they will develop in their leadership.  Case in point...I have already mentioned that seminarian Marty Dober is very soon to be Deacon Marty Dober—less than one week from now, actually.  Marty will be ordained to the transitional diaconate By Bishop Nelson Perez on this Friday evening, April 27, at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. 


   Yes, Marty demonstrates that he possesses an outstanding intellect.  Yes, he has a great sense of humor and even temper.  Yet, additionally he showed us, while he was among us as an intern, that he has a servant’s heart!!  This heightens our joy— for him and for the People of God, the Church!  Marty will  be with us here at St. Mary on Sunday, April 29, for the 11 o’clock Mass, where he will exercise his diaconal ministry, including delivering the homily for that Mass.


   How about another example?  This past Friday, a group of St. Mary parishioners attended the 31st Annual St. Pope John Paul II, Proclaimer of Justice, Gala Dinner and Silent Auction – Catholic Commission of Wayne, Ashland & Medina.  The name of the event may be a mouthful, but its purpose is clear: to acknowledge servants and further to inspire and motivate service, in the spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This year’s honorees, including Jenny Fischer Derksen, migrant ministry leader and ESL Coordinator, and Fr. Bob Stec, St. Ambrose-Brunswick Pastor, as well as those filling the tables, fundamentally to a person reflect the spirit of service modeled by our Savior.  What a joy...what a testimony!


Blessed Easter Season,


          Fr. Stephen