Submitted by St. Mary on Sat, 04/06/2019 - 11:28am

Dear Parishioners:

What are all these cars doing in the school parking lot? 

So was my question to myself, this past Monday afternoon at about 4:30.  You see, St. Mary School dismisses by 3:30, and while the afternoon latchkey program has been in operation for many years, it was clear to me that the volume of “car traffic” was too high to be comprised of aftercare parents alone.  Sure enough, Mrs. Marvin was able to enlighten me the next day.  She reminded me that on Mondays, we currently have a meeting of a speech and debate team, drumline, and an open gym (even though the basketball season has formally ended, the coaches continue to make themselves available).  The next day—Tuesday—the offerings included drama club and creative writing.  “Who is making this all possible?” you may ask.  Well, between the school teachers themselves (no scrambling for the parking lot at the final bell), and additional generous volunteers, we are rising to the occasion of tapping interests of our students so that they can expand their horizons beyond the traditional school day.  In my experience, there is busy-busy and then there is good busy.  What is going on at Saint Mary School, certainly from my point-of-view, is excellent new-life busy!!!!


   Please take note of the poster currently set up in the lower hallway by the elevator, containing portraits of those who will be coming into the church in the Easter season.  We lift up in prayer, in a profound manner, these individuals who are stepping out boldly in their relationship to Christ, embracing His body on earth—the  Church.  In addition to praying for them, the responsibility to encourage them and fellow parishioners in their continuing journey of faith rests upon us ALL!


   How are you doing with FORMED?  As you (hopefully) know, two weeks ago we formally launched our inaugural year of parish subscription to FORMED, the online Amazon-scale resource for growing in Catholic Faith Formation… not just information but a path for growing daily in our relationship with Christ and His Church.  It is our intent to offer ongoing encouragement and support so that we maximize our utilization of this incredible gift.  THIS Sunday (today if you are reading it before or after Sunday Mass) at 12:30 p.m., in the parish hall, Fr. Rich will lead a tutorial session, so that those who: a) may be a bit intimidated by technology; b) have had some challenges during efforts to log on; c) simply want to network with other parishioners about possible uses (small group study, etc.) can ask questions

and otherwise share in a positive spirit.



                                                                                     Fr. Stephen