Submitted by St. Mary on Sun, 02/10/2019 - 9:48am

Dear Parishioners:


   As we observe World Marriage Day this weekend, I am pleased to “share space” in this column to announce an event that is to be held next month, in the Cleveland area (Independence) that will feature not only Bishop Nelson Perez but also Fr. Ryan Mann.  I know that during his years in his first assignment, Fr. Ryan directed significant energy and effort to Marriage ministry.


   While it can be said that the Church is under attack, I do not believe it is hyperbole to assert that, very specifically and intentionally, Marriage—authentic Christian Marriage—is continually assaulted in our day.  This often manifests under the guise of ideological buzzwords such as “diversity,” and “openness.” Not to see a relationship between sexual promiscuity, the proliferation of murder in the womb (do not be duped by the pro-abortion claims to want it to be “safe and rare”) and the breakdown of relationship between man and woman joined in a sacramental bond is, I believe, equivalent to missing the connection between the pulling of a trigger of a gun pointed at another person and the injury—or killing—of the person.


   I ask your individual and collective prayers this Tuesday, when a diocesan-wide workshop will take place in Cleveland, entitled “Ensuring Human Dignity.”  This gathering aims to equip us with knowledge and wisdom so that we can address sensitively and faithfully, modern cultural realities that cannot not impact the Christian community.



                               Fr. Stephen