Submitted by St. Mary on Sat, 02/23/2019 - 10:12am

Dear Parishioners:

This past week, I had the opportunity to spend time amidst the beauty of the gulf coast. As I walked along the beach in the mornings, I could not help but reflect on the changing tides and the changing landscape. In one weeks time, there are significant shifts, although they may be subtle and not immediately noticed.

This weekend, as was noted In the bulletin of February 17, Margaret Collins—a parishioner of Saint Mary since 1957– has observed her 100th birthday! What a milestone! I can only imagine the radical changes that Margaret has experienced over her lifetime or even within the past couple of decades. I know, for example, that Margaret’s home was more or less in the path of the tornado of 2003. 

In my 16 years knowing Margret, I have so often experienced a woman of quiet strength and wisdom! I testify that Margaret is a wonderful witness to steadfast and deep faith in the Lord. I Believe it is safe to say that Margaret understands that amidst all of the variables and unknowns of a lifetime, “Christ Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” Ad multos annos, Margaret! (To many years!)

On the subject of changes, I would like to acknowledge that Joe Cannon, our faithful head custodian for almost 15 years, has stepped away from his position here. I thank Joe for his dedication and service... we wish him, his lovely
spouse, Amy, and their family all the best. Special thanks are extended to Rich Bergholc, who despite his retirement at the end of last year, is helping us out in the interim. 

I would like to make one more request for prayerful thoughts directed towards the success of the school benefit event, “A Night In New York“ to take place this Saturday, March 2, in our activity center. By success I mean not just a good generation of proceeds materially, but that also the building up of fellowship among the participants and a true celebration of the blessing of our school to the community.


                                                                   Fr. Stephen