Submitted by St. Mary on Sun, 02/25/2018 - 9:34am

Dear Parishioners:

   While Catholic Schools Week is past, the mission of education at St. Mary School is very much current.  We are hosting a  school open house next Sunday, March 4, from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.  It is our earnest hope that families who are discerning a school wherein to enroll child will come, as well as any parishioner who is interested in  being able to see what’s going on and meet some of our staff (even though it is not a regular in-session school day).

   The gospel for the Second Sunday of Lent is, in any of the three years of the cycle of lectionary readings, an account of the event known as The Transfiguration.  Three of the apostles are given a glimpse of the full glory of Jesus Christ, well ahead of the event of His Resurrection.  St. Thomas Aquinas speaks of this event as a revelation of the whole Trinity:

   Just as in the Baptism, where the mystery of the first regeneration was proclaimed, the operation of the whole Trinity was made manifest, because the Son Incarnate was there, the Holy Ghost appeared under the form of a dove, and the Father made Himself known in the voice; so also in the transfiguration, which is the mystery of the second regeneration, the whole Trinity appears—the Father in the voice, the Son in the man, the Holy Ghost in the bright cloud; for just as in baptism He confers innocence, signified by the simplicity of the dove, so in the resurrection will He give His elect the clarity of glory and refreshment from all sorts of evil, which are signified by the bright cloud.   (Summa Theologiae ,Third Part , Question 45,   Article 4)

   In one of the hymns that we will sing at Mass, “Transfigure Us, O Lord,” the following lyric appears: Break the chains that bind us; speak your healing word, and where you lead we’ll follow, Transfigure us, O Lord.   May these words inspire us at this time.  In light of the tragedy of mass shootings, May the voices of our youth spur us all on to action that flows from ardent prayer for divine direction.

   We are at that point in the annual cycle where it is time to nominate candidates for Parish Council to serve a three-year term.  We have placed in the pews nomination forms. Parishioners are welcome to place their own names forward or another’s (with prior consent).  Please turn those in to a parish council rep. or to the parish office by this Friday, March 2.  I realize this may seem a short window.  However, we hope that people have been considering this over a steady period of time and not just at this moment.  Thanks!


      Fr. Stephen