Submitted by St. Mary on Sun, 01/27/2019 - 11:54am

Dear Parishioners:


This day — January 27 — begins Catholic Schools Week!


   In this edition of the bulletin, we find a colorful “wheel of blessing” in consideration of a Catholic school education.  Typically, we carry photographs of actual Saint Mary School students, teachers and parents.  While a graphic can be an effective tool, for me nothing can top actual interaction with the people who make up St. Mary School.  On any given day, a visit to the school heightens my spirit.  If I am already experiencing joy, then seeing and listening to and speaking with the boys and girls and teachers amps my momentum.  If I am having a bit of a rough day, then visiting the school brings the healing equivalent of a good counseling session, a warming up by the fireplace, and a portion of a favorite comfort food— all combined.


   The following content is taken from “Mrs. Marvin’s Corner,” part of the online St. Mary Phoenix News:

   As in past years, St. Mary School will host the Annual "Staff and Student Volleyball" Game on Tuesday(1/29) and the Annual "St. Mary's You've Got Talent Show" on Friday(1/25). Our Second Annual "St. Thomas Aquinas Festival and Disputation" will be held on Monday morning(1/28). Organized by Dr. Seifried, the festival brings awareness to the teachings of Thomas Aquinas, Gothic (period) inspired food, music and readings. On Wednesday morning, January 30, at 9:30 a.m.,  we will be celebrating the lives of our favorite Saints during Mass. A light reception at the school will be held following Mass for students, parishioners and families.

   The week concludes with our annual Catholic Schools Week (Parish) Mass on February 2nd. All students and families are invited to participate in the Mass. Students are asked to wear their Spirit Wear shirts. Students will be asked to participate in the Choir, readings and instrumentalists.


 I am very excited to share that we have engaged a program of the College of Wooster, AMRE, to assist us with building awareness of the current experience of families in our school, as well as the factors influencing families’ choices regarding education for their children. Here is a description of the program:

   The Applied Methods and Research Experience gives College of Wooster students the opportunity to apply classroom learning in the role of business and organizational consultants.

AMRE Director Vikki Briggs has been wonderfully accommodating, putting together this project (which is normally a summer program) to be completed by March.  We are filled with hope that this, along with other initiatives, will propel us forward in our aspiration to build up the school.



                                     Fr. Stephen