Submitted by St. Mary on Sun, 07/14/2019 - 1:35pm

Dear Parishioners,


   Who is REALLY in charge?

   Most of us have heard the expression, “a take-charge person.”  Merriam Webster defines the adjective as “having the qualities of a forceful leader.”  While I do not believe that there is anything wrong with a human being having strong leadership qualities, at a higher level, each and every one of us needs to decide: Whom do I truly place in charge of my life? Do I make plans or do I seek to be docile to God’s plan for my life? Is it even intelligent to place myself or any other human being “in charge” in the pre-eminent position of power or authority?  To repeat myself from just one week ago: Is the Lord taking center position, or do I place him somewhere toward the periphery, on an “as needed” or “as-able-to-fit” basis? 

   I hope you don’t mind that I use this space to share suggested prayers.  The one below is currently being used at the beginning of Adult Faith Formation meetings.  While it may sound as though the pray-er is assuming the authority, essentially it is calling on the Lord, and key figures in the heavenly realm, to take control.


In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior, we take authority and bind all powers and forces that are in opposition to the good order of God’s will and anything that is contrary to His honor and glory.
In the Holy Name of Jesus, we take authority and bind all demonic influence and interaction in the air, the water, the ground, the underground, and the netherworld and in nature. We forbid all evil interaction and communication anywhere in our lives and in the lives of our loved ones.
In the Name of Jesus, we seal everyone present in this place, and the work we are about to do, under the protection of His most holy and precious blood that was shed for us from the Cross at Calvary.
Mary, Mother of God, surround us with the mantle of your love and suppress the evil one from harassing the Church and those who faithfully serve our Lord Jesus.
St. Michael the archangel, Holy Guardian Angels, and our patron saints, intercede for us and defend us in our battle with Satan and the powers and forces of darkness.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, we command any and all powers and forces and influences that are not of God to depart at once and never return. We ask the Holy Spirit to fill us and this place with good order and peace.
In the Holy Name of Jesus, the Lord and Savior, we make this prayer and affirm His lordship and presence. Amen



   I would ask every parishioner to offer this prayer for those gathering on Tuesday of this week.  If you have seen the posters at church and the graphic below, you may have asked, “What is that all about?” If so, I am glad.  I will have more to say very soon.  For now, I simply share that I believe God very much desires to do something very significant in our parish.  Please pray that all parish leadership will be open to the Holy

Spirit , and that any and all spiritual obstacles will be




                                      Fr. Stephen