Submitted by St. Mary on Sat, 05/04/2019 - 8:46am

Dear Parishioners:

   Here is more testimony from Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, now a  passionate spokesperson for Life:

   I got involved in college not really knowing anything about Planned Parenthood. I grew up in a home that was pro-life, against abortion, but we didn’t talk about what that meant and I didn’t know anything about Planned Parenthood. I initially got involved as a student believing their goal was to help women at a difficult time in their life. I think that’s why the majority of people get involved in Planned Parenthood work. It’s not because they have a desire to kill babies, it’s because they are there to help women.


   What follows is from Abby’s website,  Abby’s mission is not to condemn or criminalize but to help in a way that is truly helping…

   No one grows up wanting to work at an abortion clinic.   Did I help women? Sure. I remember many of the women that I helped…the woman who hadn’t had an exam in ten years, the woman who needed testing because her husband had been unfaithful, the woman who had never been checked for diabetes but was then diagnosed because we finally ran the test. I remember all of these women. I remember all of their stories. I helped them. I helped them receive the healthcare they needed, the healthcare they deserved. You know what else I remember? I remember the day I watched a 13-week old fetus fight for its life during an abortion procedure. I remember looking at the bodies of aborted babies while I accounted for their arms, legs, and head. I remember being able to determine if the baby was a boy or girl. How did I justify my work for so long? How are you doing it? I think I tried to really believe that I was doing the right thing…the right thing for those women.

   But what about those babies? What about those lives that I was a part of terminating? Didn’t they matter? Was it really ALL about the woman and her rights?  Follow your real potential.  Let us help.

   I have learned now what I didn’t realize then. Abortion is NOT just about the woman. Abortion is something that affects many people. Yes, it affects the woman; but it also affects the man involved, the extended family, and of course, the child growing in her womb. I saw abortion as something that was very one-sided…now I am able to see it as an issue that affects multiple people; multiple lives.


   Transitioning here, I want to share that Carol Matesich has discerned making a transition away from her position as Director of Faith Formation here at Saint Mary.  Hence, the announcement of an opening in the next column.  Carol intends to continue to be involved as a parishioner— including work with the Gabriel Project.  I am grateful for what Carol has brought to the ministry over this past year, and we look forward to her and her husband Zach being a part of the community for as long as their life path leads them to be here in Wooster.


   We rejoice with our children who are receiving First Holy Communion this Sunday and next Saturday!  Please read and pray their names, found on page 6.


                                                  Fr. Stephen