Pastor's Column, Sunday, November 15, 2020

Submitted by St. Mary on Thu, 11/12/2020 - 12:36pm

Dear Parishioners:


   The following is an excerpt from an article by Brenda Destro, adjunct professor at the John Paul II Institute. Her work in counseling, sexuality education, and adoption issues spans three decades.  The full text of the article is available on the USCCB website:

   When is adoption a better choice than single parenting? For a thirteen-year-old? A thirty-year-old? The Church and its service providers are in a position to offer guidance to these women about adoption. Yet, research shows that pro-life centers have no better rates of adoption among their clients than Planned Parenthood. Some say this is because counselors do not feel prepared to adequately discuss adoption with their clients. Others assume that pregnant girls have no interest in adoption. Without a positive message about adoption from parishes and counselors, it is not surprising that many young women, including Catholics, choose adoption infrequently. Adoption is not the answer for everyone, but it is the best answer for many.

   It is time to get out the good message about adoption—one that celebrates adoption. Like so many events that are celebrated, such as marriage and graduation, it is a time to acknowledge not only the hard and painful lessons learned from the journey, but also the joy of the accomplishment.  The miracle of adoption is about the pain, resolution, and growth that comes when a young girl and her family face the issues of an untimely pregnancy, and when adoptive families accept their infertility and face their fears about adoption.

   As the adult relationships, fears and misunderstandings are healed, the best interests of the child become the centerpiece of the adoption promise. And that is what makes adoption both a sound choice and a miracle. Unfortunately, this is a story that is not being told. It needs telling. It needs celebrating. A good starting place for the telling and the celebrating is in the Catholic community.


In a future edition of the bulletin, we will have the opportunity to hear a testimonial from a local family who has known the joy of adoption.



                                             Fr. Stephen


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