Submitted by St. Mary on Sun, 11/25/2018 - 9:15am

Dear Parishioners:

     At the time of my writing this (because of early submission dates related to the holiday), the bishops of the United States are still meeting in Baltimore.  And so, I cannot report in this forum, what the formal results of their deliberations are.  Nevertheless, I can share that on the one day that I was able to listen to the livestream— it was a portion during which bishops were invited to make comments in an “open microphone” format, I was encouraged by the tone of their remarks.  Overall, for me it conveyed that they understand the gravity of our present situation and the urgency for action, yet a recognition that it will not serve the Church for them to turn in against each other like a pack of dogs being threatened.  I quote here an excerpt from the recent letter to the Faithful, authored by Cleveland Bishop Nelson Perez: “ the moral catastrophe we find ourselves in with regard to the crimes against children and young people perpetrated by clergy— even those among the highest leadership in the Church— can only be characterized as an extraordinary evil.”


   As we mark the conclusion of the current Church year with the Feast of Christ the King, and as we acknowledge with sobriety that challenges that lie ahead, I encourage all individuals and families of our parish community to be intentional about applying the words of the following prayer of consecration in our households: 


   King of our lives and of our families, we come to You to offer You all that we are and all that we have: our thoughts, our concerns, our qualities, our desires, and our weaknesses. We wish to put them at your service, in order to collaborate with You in the salvation of mankind and the extension of your Kingdom in the world. Receive with love the consecration of our lives that we make to You today. Accept it as our thanksgiving for all that we have received from your hands. Grant us the grace to follow the path of holiness by imitating your virtues and publicly showing our faith in You, so that all those around us will find in us authentic disciples of Christ, bearing the stamp of universal charity, consistency between faith and works, and a burning desire to see your Kingdom established on earth. Place in our hearts the same zeal for the salvation of every single person that You had when You took flesh and when You died on the cross. Grant that we faithfully may live your command of charity, which You left us as your legacy. Inflame our hearts, enlighten our minds, strengthen our resolve, and lead us always along the path of fidelity to your command. Transform us from all fear and selfishness; strengthen our faith in the charism that You have entrusted to us; and grant us the courage to respond with absolute fidelity to your call. Amen



                 Fr. Stephen