Pastor's Column, Sunday, October 18, 2020

Submitted by St. Mary on Thu, 10/15/2020 - 2:03pm

            “The Twenty-first Century look of Sanctity”

  “With our apostolic authority, we grant that the venerable servant of God, Carlo Acutis, layman, who, with the enthusiasm of youth, cultivated a friendship with our Lord Jesus, placing the Eucharist and the witness of charity at the center of his life, henceforth shall be called blessed.”


Dear Parishioners:

   These words are drawn from the Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis read on the occasion of the beatification of a fifteen-year old from Milan, which took place on October 10, in Assisi.  Who is this destined-to-be-canonized millennial?  He is described as “gifted at anything related to computers…”   …whose interests included computer programming, film editing, website creation, editing and layout of comics and volunteering for those most in need” (taken from a bio. on his official website).

   Those who venerate his tomb over these days until this weekend see the body of a young man in a tracksuit and Nike shoes.  This visual, coupled with the description of his personality, powerfully point out the accessibility of sanctity.  It is how Carlo applied his passion for technology that makes all the difference.  For him, “the internet was not just a means of escape, but a space for dialogue, knowledge, sharing and mutual respect that was to be used responsibly, without becoming slaves to it and rejecting digital bullying,” (from homily of Cardinal Agostino Vallini).

   One of Blessed Carlo’s accomplishments is a website on Eucharistic miracles that have taken place over the centuries (  It is thrilling that his beatification has taken place so close in time to the celebration of Confirmation here at Saint Mary this weekend.  May he— the same age at his death as these young men and ladies are as they are confirmed—inspire them as they move forward in their discipleship.


Samuel Gerard Bohner

Luis Gabriel Canas, Jr.

Daisy Mae Carmon

Andrei A. Dordea, VIII

Lydia Elise Hassenzahl

Calvin Andrew Henthorne

Aidan Orlando Joseph Holford

Sophia Elizabeth Keister

Elizabeth Shannon Lang

Annemarie Rose McLain

Basil Abel Meier

Meghan Elizabeth Miller

Maxwell Columbus Jung Min Eichi Miyashita

Ava Catherine Nussbaum

Jack Nicholas Ritchie

Eric Matthew Snider

Faith Marie Teague

Elliot Joseph Veil

August Michael Warner


                              Peace and Mercy,

                                                            Fr. Stephen


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