Submitted by St. Mary on Sun, 09/02/2018 - 11:21am

A Pastor’s Perspective on the Start of

St. Mary School Year


   So, there we were— Mrs. Laura Marvin, Fr. Rich and I—on Monday morning, August 20, standing at the entranceway of the school building to greet the parents and students as they arrived to begin a new year of learning—  of growing in character, faith and knowledge!  For Mrs. Marvin, it is her third year of leadership as Principal.  For Fr. Rich, it is the first time as a priest witnessing the excitement—and perhaps a few butterflies—in the precious girls and boys entrusted to our care.  For me, it is a sixteenth opportunity to let our school families and school staff know how grateful I am that they are choosing to be a part of this mission discipleship.


   Yes of course, there is a basic curriculum to follow—we like any other building are required to follow state guidelines.  Yet, through the direction provided by the Office of Catholic Education, we as a Catholic school are able to expand and enrich that core. We are free to quote the Master teacher, Jesus Christ, during every subject!


   Naturally, we expect the children to enter a clean building.  At St. Mary, the floors on which the children and teachers stepped were not simply cleaned up over the summer; they were made to gleam!  And Emerson from maintenance staff is there to banter good-naturedly with the children and adults, including lead maintenance staff member, Joe (usually related to some sports team).  Mike and Rich complete the picture, making sure that before and after the school day is in motion, systems are go!


   Yes, the teachers came ready to meet their students and set out together to build skills of learning,  However, at St. Mary we do not simply have a set of employees.  We have a team of dedicated men and women whose spirit is not, “What more am I going to have to do this year,” but rather, “How can I contribute to the good of the whole?”  That makes for a family environment!


   Of course, there is lunchtime.  At St. Mary, the students and staff dine at The Bread of Life Café, led and fed by Mrs. Meier, with school secretary Mrs. Weyer assisting in the serving line (see what I mean about pitching in!).

   There is much more of the story to tell!  And believe me, you are going to be hearing about it every week, through this medium and any other vehicle we can possibly harness in order to share the good news of St. Mary School!



        Fr. Stephen