Pastor's Column - Sunday, September 20, 2020

Submitted by St. Mary on Fri, 09/18/2020 - 12:51pm

Dear Parishioners:

   This weekend, we welcome young people and families to a new year of Sunday Parish School of Religion.  Yes, a good many parents are choosing the option of in-home learning in these present times.  It is our hope and prayer that they will experience a sense of active care and support from the pastoral staff and not feel “stranded” and in a void.  Thanks to the foundation of planning laid by Mrs. Laura Marvin and the staff of Saint Mary School, which has served as a strong starting point for the Faith Formation Office’s planning process, we feel confident in being able to provide a safe and joyful environment for these young people who will be coming on Sunday mornings.  My thanks to Michael Viator, Sarah Nussbaum and the corps of volunteer catechists stepping up to the plate.


   It is amazing that Saint Mary School has been up and running—and running very well, we are grateful to be able to say—for four weeks already.  What a start it has been!  Pictured below are two wonderful recognitions that the school has received.  While we were aware of being in the running for Thomas Edison Award, the second recognition from the Ohio Academy of Science, the Harold C. Shaw Outstanding School Award, to paraphrase Mrs. Marvin’s article in the Phoenix News, is constructed of criteria that can be rather challenging to achieve.  Congratulations to all, with an individual shout-out to Mr. Darryl Woods, our 6th Grade homeroom teacher who is in his 18th year on our faculty.


   Speaking of the Phoenix News, the weekly online publication highlighting what’s up at our school, it is sent out to anyone who has submitted an email address to the school.  If you are interested in receiving it, please reach out to either the parish or the school office.  We would love to increase readership,

especially in these days when our bulletin size has been

significantly reduced, due to limitations imposed on breath of activities.



                           Fr. Stephen


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