Protection God's Children - Virtus

Protecting God's Children: 

Virtus Training Compliance Checklist

All participants will need to complete the following Virtus Training Compliance Checklist. Click HERE for a downloadable version of the Checklist described below.

This Checklist is specific for St. Mary, Wooster. Each parish has different procedures on how they complete items, i.e. fingerprints, so please check with your parish Virtus Coordinator for specifics.

_____ 1.  Attend a Protecting God's Children Training Session (Virtus Training Session.) To do so, sign up on the website:

_____ 2. Schedule an appointment for fingerprints.

  • St. Mary Parishioners or St. Mary Day School volunteers are to have their fingerprints taken at the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. Please print and complete the downloadable Fingerprint Application form and take it with you.
    • If you have been a resident of Ohio for more than 5 years, you are to only have BCI fingerprints taken. Otherwise you must have both BCI and FBI fingerprints taken. 

_____ 3. View, Read and Acknowledge your understanding of the Policy for the Protection of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse, Revised June 2016.

_____ 4. View, Read and Acknowledge your understanding of the Standards of Conduct in Ministry 2016.

  • Go to (watch all 3 videos if not done so already)
  • Read the document "Standards of Conduct in Ministry 2016" at **Need to enter correct url link here**
  • Sign the Acknowledgement Form and turn into the Faith Formation Office.

_____ 5. Download, print and complete the Volunteer Application form and return it to the Faith Formation Office. NOTE: we must have COMPLETE addresses for your references as letters will be sent to them.

_____ 6. Complete 24 Training Bulletins.

  • Each month after your training session, an email will be sent to the email used when registering for the Protecting God's Children Class (Virtus.) Please take the time to complete each bulletin. The article takes 3-5 minutes to read and a brief quiz is at the end of each.
  • After you have completed 24, you have achieved your compliance with the Diocese and are not required to read any more training bulletins. However, you are encouraged to read them to continue your education.

Once all these items are completed and turned in to the Faith Formation Office, you will be "in compliance" and will be able to volunteer at St. Mary.

THANK YOU for being an integral part of the Protection of God's Children!